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    Surrounded by Suzhou, Zhejiang and Anhui Province, and seated at Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Xiangfa Refracotries Co., Ltd has a superior location. As a member of designated company of State Power Material Supply Companies, the recommendatory company by Refractories of China Petrochemistry Industry and a member of The Association of Building Materials and Metallurgy Industry, the company has the right of self-support import and export. The Company owns two branches which are Xiangfa Kiln Installation Company and Xiangfa Refractory Research Center, thus the annual capacity of the company is over 90,000 tons.

    The company is the largest one among Zhejing refractory industry and is the key refractory enterprise of Zhejiang Province. It is praised as the science-and-technology-oriented enterprise; what’s more, the company has many awards such as Science and Technology progress Award of Changxing County, the Model Awards of Changxing County, the Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province. Besides, the company has been praised as excellent supplier and qualified-trust enterprise by State Power Material Corporation, in addition, the company has become a 3A-credit company, the honest company of Huzhou City, the famous brand of Huzhou, the civilized unit of Huzhou City, a backbone-company of Zhejiang Province. The company was granted as a service center of Zhejiang Torch Science and Technology, and was granted as The State Torch Plan Company. BA611 of abrasion-resistant plastics produced by the company was granted as a patent. The company is also a hi-tech one in Zhejiang Province.

    Ⅰ Refractories for electric power, petrochemical and oil refining industries: refractories for various types of boilers: as early as 1990 the company began to produce many types of high-performance wear-resistant castables, self-flow abrasion-resistant corundum castables, wear-resisitant corundum plastics, high-strength abrasion-resistant refractory castables for all kinds of fluidized bed boilers and incinerators, among which BA061 of high-performance abrasion-resistant castables and wear-resistant firebricks have successively passed the provincial technical appraisal and meanwhile filled the blanks of such applications at home, and were appointed to be fixed materials for fluid bed boilers and incinerators.

    Ⅱ Refractories for cement building materials industry: low cement castables, alkali-resistant castables, mullite castables, SiC-corundum castables, anti-stripping high alumina bricks, anti-crust castables, phosphate-bonded high alumina bricks, alkali-resistant bricks, magnesia-alumina spinel bricks and other products, some of which have passed the provincial technical certificate, and were awarded Gold of the National Building Materials Bureau.

    Ⅲ Refractories for metallurgy, smelting, copper and foundry industries: ladle bricks, corundum bricks, silicon carbide products, magnesia bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, magnesia-alumina bricks, ladle castables, iron runner free-baking ramming mixs, magnesia ramming mass, MgO-Al2O3 ramming mass, dry vibrating materials, dry ramming mass, gunning mix; magnesia coatings, castables for furnace roof, castable precast shapes for furnace roof; MgO-C brick series; refractory ceramics gate tubes (instead of runner bricks); ladles, pyrophyllite bricks for steel ladles, SiC-pyrophyllite bricks, etc.

    Ⅳ Refractory products for other sectors: high alumina bricks for glass kilns, fireclay bricks, corundum bricks, SiC bricks, mullite bricks, magnesia bricks, Al2O3-MgO bricks, zircon bricks, zirconium-corundum bricks, chrome-corundum bricks and all kinds of light-weighted bricks, light-weighted insulating castables, high alumina castables, zircon castables, zircon ramming mass, aluminum silicate fiber products, perlite products, steel fiber castables, and so on, and installation and maintenance service of refractory insulation materials for a variety of kilns and furnaces.

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