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    The Export Prices of Some Refractories (SINCE 1ST, JUNE, 2010)

    I. Pyrophyllite Brick Products
    PY-74 Pyrophyllite Brick 
    LW-60(230*114*65):RMB 1800/T 
    LW-30(230*114*30):RMB 2000/T 
    (230*114*50):RMB 1850/T 
    (230*114*60):RMB 1850/T 
    LW-61(230*114/105*65)Special Shaped Brick:RMB 2000/T
    PY-80 Pyrophyllite Brick
    230*114*65:RMB 2000/T
    230*114*30:RMB 2200/T
    Special Shaped Brick:2100/T
    Sic-Pyrophyllite Brick:RMB 4260/T
    II. Castables Products:
    AL2O365% High Alumina Castables:RMB 1700/T 
    AL2O370-75% High Alumina Cstables:RMB 1700/T
    AL2O380% High Alumina Castables:RMB 2100/T 
    AL2O385% High-Temp Castables:RMB 3200/T
    AL2O390% Corundum Castables:RMB 5800/T 
    Magnalium Castables:RMB 3800/T
    Mg-Al Spinel Castables:RMB 4100/T
    High Alumina Mullite Castables:RMB 3800/T
    Low-weight Castables:RMB 1700/T 
    High Alumina Mullite Precast (customized):RMB 3950/T
    High Alumina Zirconia Precast:RMB 4800/T 
    Corundum Steel Fibre Castables:RMB 5800/T
    High Alumina Castables Precast:RMB 2800/T 
    EAF Roof Precast:RMB 4300/T
    Bake-Free Cleek Ceramic Ramming Mass: RMB3500-8500/T
    III. Firebrick Products
    SK-34Standard Clay Brick:RMB 1236/T 
    SK-36 Standard Clay Brick:RMB 1600/T
    SK-36 Special Shaped Brick:RMB 1800/T
    Mullite Brick:RMB 4600/T
    AL2O360% High Alumina Brick T-3:RMB 1950/T
    AL2O3 65% High Alumina Brick T-3:RMB 1980/T
    AL2O365% Special Shaped Brick T-3:RMB 2100/T
    AL2O3 75% High Alumina Brick T-3:RMB 2200/T
    AL2O385% High Alumina Brick T-3:RMB 2800/T
    All kinds of Ceramic Brick Gate:RMB 2450/T
    Silicon Carbide Brick:RMB 13500/T 
    Alumina Brick:RMB 11000/T
    MZ-90 Magnesia Brick T-3:RMB 2250/T
    MGe-12MgO-Cr Brick:RMB 3900/T
    MGE-18 Direct Mg-Cr Brick:RMB 5200/T 
    EAF Buttom Ramming:RMB 2400/T
    EAF Magnesia Gunning Mix:RMB 1760/T 
    Sillimanite Brick:RMB 4500/T
    Zircon-alumina Brick:RMB 11000/T 
    Zirconia Brick:RMB8500 /T
    Dry Ramming Material:RMB2360/T
    MgO Ceramic Ramming Mass:RMB2150/T
    MgO Castables:RMB1900/T
    MgO-Olivine Castables:RMB1300/T
    MgO-Olivine Gunning Mix:RMB1300/T
    MgO Gunning Mix:RMB1600-1800/T
    High Alumina Gunning Mix:RMB1600/T
    Mgo-Dry Ceramic Ramming Mass:RMB1400-1550/T
    AL2O365% High-alumina Lining Brick used for Steel Industry :RMB 2950/T
    High Alumina Lining Bick:RMB 2700/T
    Clay Runner:RMB 1900/T
    Light Brick:
    1.0 Standard Volume Density Brick:RMB 2100/T
    Aluminium Silicate Board:RMB 120 /m3
    0.8 Standard Volume Density Brick:RMB 2600/T 
    0.8 Poly Light High Aluminum Firebrick :RMB 3800/T 
    0.6 Standard Volume Density Brick:RMB 3500/T
    IV. Refractories Used for Ladle
    AlSiC Unfired Brick:RMB 4200/T 
    High Alumina Unfired Brick:RMB 2600/T
    Al-C Castables:RMB 2850/T 
    AMC Unfired Brick used for Ladles:RMB 1900/T
    AMC Spinel Unfired Brick:RMB 4200/T 
    High Alumina Castables used for Bakie Backing Layer:RMB 1800/T
    MT-10A MgO-C Brick:RMB 3800/T
    MT-14A MgO-C Brick:RMB 4350/T
    MT-16A MgO-C Brick:RMB 6380/T
    MT-10B MgO-C Brick:RMB 3600/T
    MT-14B MgO-C Brick:RMB 3800/T
    AMC Brick:RMB 2500/T
    Ⅴ. Wear-resistant materials used for fluid bed furnace and refuse incinerator
    Wear-resistant brick:RMB 3800/T 
    Corundum Wear-resistant Castable:RMB 4500/T
    High Strength Wear-resistant Castables:RMB 3800/T
    Wear-resistant Plastic:RMB 5350/T
    SiC Wear-resistant Castables:RMB 9500/T
    SiC Wear-resistant brick:RMB 12500/T
    Mullite Brick:RMB 4200/T
    Ⅵ. Refractories Materials used for Chemical、petrochemical and refinery industry
    Wear-resistant Plastic (Ramming mix) used for pipes:RMB 5500/T 
    Castable:RMB 2800/T 
    Light weight castable:RMB 1600/T
    Black SiC 0-1mm/1-3mm/3-5mm/5-8mm/8-13mm:
    Silicon Carbide SiC 95%:RMB8350/T
    Silicon Carbide SiC 97-98%:RMB 8680/T
    Silicon Carbide SiC≥88%:RMB 7180/T
    Forsterite (chamotte MgO 40%):RMB 1350/T
    Forsterite (crude MgO 35-36%):RMB 1280/T
    Al2O3 80% Bauxite Powder 180mesh:RMB 1900/T
    Al2O3 83% Bauxite Powder 180mesh:RMB 1960/T
    Al2O3 85% Bauxite Powder 180mesh:RMB 2380/T
    Guangxi Clay Al2O3≥35% 180mesh:RMB 1265/T
    Refractory Clay Al2O325-30%:RMB 780/T
    PY-74 Pyrophyllite Powder 150 mesh;RMB 1120/T
    PY-80 Pyrophyllite Powder 150 mesh;RMB 1220/T
    Raw material used for manufacturing castable:
    Alumina powder 320 mesh:RMB 5500/T
    94% Silicon powder;RMB 3560/T
    91-92% Silicon powder;RMB 3300/T
    We provide you with all kinds of Wear-resistant bricks, castables and plastics which are applied to fluid bed furnace, refuse incinerator, electric power plant, petrochemical industry and chemical fertilizer industry.
    All of the prices above are tax-included, without the fee of package for export and transportation. It need RMB 70/T more on package and RMB 90/T more to transport to Shanghai Port. The site of package is at our company, and we can upload the products for free.



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